You are a developper

Thank you for joining us on the Najmstore Page.
You are a developper willing to create, develop and share your original creation with the whole word. You are on the right page !


With the Ubook on market at the end of 2012, you will have the opportunity to develop a new kind of applications for our multitouch laptop.
Where you are used to develop for a screen and a keyboard, now you can make it happen on two screens.

No Limit

With a multitouch screen you can re-invent the way you want to use your applications. Make what you need or desire easier with the touch technology ! You do not have limited space anymore with two screens at your disposal, so enjoy as well and multitouch your imagination !

Free SDK

Najmtek will supply a free SDK so you can develop easily your applications. Then you can upload them on the Najmstore, and share them for free or not with others.


If you are an Ios Developer or an Android developer, it is possible to convert your existing applications really fast, so you will not have any problem using our platform.

Want to be the first to develop?

Register below to receive your free SDK when available and be the first to upload your applications on the Najmstore and make your multitouch laptop applications a success!
All the members of the Developer page will have an exclusive gift before the Najmstore will be released.


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